Puncture, Scratch & Crushing protection from animal hazards

BiteBuster Bite & Scratch Mitt

The Multipurpose Bite & Scratch Mitt can be used in training, nail trimming or bathing an anxious pet, reaching for a fearful animal, medication and much more. This flexible and washable Mitt is made from a tough mix of bite & scratch resistant Kevlar/Nitrate rubber laminate, and is lined with comfortable neoprene. Maximum hand dexterity with full bite zone coverage. Adjustable Velcro wrist. Available as single mitt for left & right hands in medium and large sizes.  

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BiteBuster Armadillo Sleeve

The BiteBuster Armadillo Sleeve is a puncture resistant sleeve (31cm) ideal for many different animal handling situations in the veterinary practice, doggy parlour, zoo or animal welfare organization.

Puncture resistant rexine is laminated to very strong high-thread cotton to offer puncture and scratch resistance. Washable and lined with comfortable neoprene. Available in pairs in medium and large sizes. 

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Arm & hand protection gloves and gauntlets and guaranteed puncture and scratch resistant. They are not guaranteed puncture and scratch proof.