Midwest Snake Tongs & Hooks

Rugged and field tested around the world, Midwest snake tongs and hooks are manufactured in the USA and are rated amongst the best and most humane reptile equipment available internationally. Designed with high grade materials and expert craftsmanship these lightweight tongs and hooks are perfect for Southern African reptiles.

The M1 Snake Tong has polished aluminium components and a blue anodized tube with internal cables and springs. The tong has a wide 2.5cm lower jaw for a gentle secure pick-up and a rubberized upper jaw for a firm but soft grip.

Midwest hooks are made with a slightly flexible stailess steel shaft and an smooth aluminium hook 9cm wide. The hook insert is made from a solid anodized aircraft grade aluminium rod for strength. 


Using the Snake Tong
AHM1 102

Using the AHGG snake tong

Product Code  Product Specifications
 AHM1 102  Midwest M1 Snake Tong 1metre
 AHM1 133  Midwest M1 Snake Tong 1.3metre
 AHSH 76  Midwest Snake Hook 76cm
 AHSH 102  Midwest Sanke Hook 1metre
AHGG Snake Tong Gente Giant

Animal Handling also supplies a snake kit that includes a plastic box


Animal Handling also has Reptile Bagers in our range of products,

Reptile Bagger 
  • 110cm Bag Depth
  • 30cm Opening
The bag is able to close so the reptile won't be able to come out
The bag is made of very thick material and wil not tear easily