Animal Control Poles

After years of rugged field use in the unforgiving African environment the AHCP Animal Control Poles are proving to be invaluable for the humane handling of African animals. Used both for domestic animal use as well as wildlife, the Animal Control Pole has become a basic handling safety tool for animal handlers.

Product features for animal welfare include a 360 ° swivel head unit, tooth guard and vinyl coated noose covering. For handler safety the Animal Control Pole offers automatic noose locking and release as well as firm rubber hand grips and a strong but lightweight pole. Replacement parts and servicing facilities are available. Animal Control Poles are used to humanely restrain and move aggressive and potentially aggressive animals into a safe environment.The pole noose is placed around the animal’s body or neck and the noose cable is pulled and automatically locked to secure the animal, allowing the handler full and safe mobility.

Our animal control poles can be used on many different wild and domestic animals including dogs, crocodile and other reptiles, young lion and small carnivores and seals. An absolute must-have health & safety tool in rabies areas.       

Product Code  Product Specifications  AHCP 122  Standard Animal Control Pole 122cm long / 33 cm diameter noose  

AHCP 122ER  AHCP 122 with Emergency Release Function

AHCP 152 ER  AHCP 152 with Emergency Release Function  

Now You Have Two Ways to Release the Animal  In addition to the spring release mechanism found on all the Animal Control Poles, the ER (Emergency Release) models now offer an additional emergency release mechanism. Simply lift and slide the knob and the cable noose drops away

from the pole.