Teledart Tranquilizing Dart Pistol RD106


Remote injection projector RD106

Our remote injection projector RD106 achieves a shooting distance of up to 25 meters. It is equipped with front sight/ back sight. The CO2 valve can be disconnected in seconds and replaced with an air pump using our quick release system. The tranquilizer pistol is easily stored and transported in an in scope of delivery included carrying bag.
Manometer is clear to read and easily regulated. The position in line and a protective ring prevents the manometer from breaking.

Barrel 11 mm can be used for dart syringes from 0,5 cc to 10 cc and barrel 13 mm can be used for dart syringes from 1 cc to 20 cc. In some cases it might be of advantage to use a short barrel. We can produce this on demand.

The remote injection projector is a low budget solution for veterinarians, animal rescue, zoos, safari parks and farmers.


Scope of delivery:

Projector RD106 with barrel ( 11 mm or 13 mm)
1 x barrel cleaning set
1 x transport bag
3 x CO2-cartridges 16gr
1 x positioning pin
1 x tub of grease

Additional syringe set:

2 x Syringe 3cc, 1 x syringe 5cc, 3 safety caps,
2 x Needle 1,5 x 30mm, 1 x needle 1,5 x 38mm
1 x Training syringe 3cc and 1 x 5cc
1 x FIS Filling and Care Kit, 1 x needle tool

20 years guarantee, expect wearable parts.

Instruction manual and guarantee RD106

Instruction manual and guarantee RD106D