Miscellaneous Products

Animal Handling Support Systems Mammel Carriers come in three diffrent sizes.
Not only is this product light and fuctionable it foldable aswell.
There is a opening at the top where you can sooth your pet or even insert food or water.
There is also a small storage for travel documents.
AHFTC S Small Mammel Carrier Plastic 48x29x28cm
AHFTC M Medium Mammel Carrier Plastic 56x36.5x33cm
AHFTC L Large Mammel Carrier Plastic 62x39x38cm

This is our Medium Pet Carrier

Fly Cosy Kennels

These kennels are locally made. Highly durable.
They come it two diffrent sizes
AHSK-L FlyCosy Kennel (H-62xL92xW58)
AHSK-XL FlyCosy Kennel (H-80xL111,5xW66,9)