TeleDart Tranquilizer Blowpipes


Blowpipes or blowguns are an ideal cost effective alternative to dart pistols and rifles for close range immobilization, and generally deliver a more gentle impact on the animal. 

TeleDart blowpipes are constructed from a very strong and lightweight carbon fibre material with a handgrip to ensure accurate aiming. TeleDart use an innovative unique mouthpiece system that can be removed from the blowpipe offering the following advantages:

  • Hygiene. The mouthpiece can be removed after use and disinfected or even cleaned in the dishwasher
  • If several users are working with the blowpipe each user can have their own mouthpiece as they can be purchased seperately
  • Safety. The filled dart syringe has no contact with the mouthpiece preventing any accidental drug contact
  • Swallow protection. The user cannot accidentally breath in the dart  

TeleDart blowpipes are sold with a transportation bag for storing the blowpipe and accessories.   

256x192b  256x192mp   
256x192bag  256x192da   
Model  Range (apprx.)  Dart Volume 
B11 Length 100cm / 11mm  10m  1,2,3cc 
with additional extension  15m   
B14 Length 140cm / 14mm  10-12m  5cc 
B16 Length 100cm / 16mm  10-12m  1,2,3,5cc 
with additional extension  15-18m   

Various needle lengths and diameters available.
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