TeleDart Tranquilizer Dart Pistol RD206


The TeleDart RD206 is an excellent quaity cost effective modern dart pistol ideal for wildlife, zoos and farms as well as veterinary practice work and animal control. The RD206 is solidly engineered with an aluminium casing, with an effective range of 30m. Product features include:                                    

  • 11mm,13mm,16mm dart capacity  
  • pressure regulator and gauge easily visible when aiming
  • pressure can be adjusted up and down rapidly during aiming  
  • user-freindly components and ease of handling
  • corrosion resistant materials
  • backsight and foresight for aiming
  • available in left or right hand models 
  • optional mounting for telescopic, red dot or laser sights

The RD206 has a 20 year guarantee on the function of the dart pistol. Sold with attractive durable nylon carry-bag with pockets for storage of darts, needles, barrels and accessories.                                             



Technical Data   
Weight with barrel  1kg 
Total Length with barrel  91cm 
Barrel / Caliber  Optional 11,13,16mm carbon fibre. Barrel lenghts 70cm & 40cm
Range Effective 3-30m
Volume of Darts 

1,2,3,5cc 11mm Darts
5,10,15,20cc 13mm Darts
1,2,3,5,10,15,20cc 16mm Darts

Pressure Regulation  Adjustable 
Power Supply C02 Cartridges 16g
Material Pistol Body & Barrel  Anodised aluminium grey and black 
Safety Trigger Safety and Safety Release Valve
Kinetic Energy  >7.5 Joule