Animal Handling Humane Cage Traps

The Animal Handling Humane Cage Trap is ideal for small mammals and nuisance wild animals. It is easy to bait, set and release. The Humane Cage Trap is a great cat trap for feral cat trapping and is extremely strong and durable.

We offer a variety of traps foldable and rigid. The AHATLD trap is a rigid trap.

The high tensile galvanised wire mesh trap has a high sensitivity trigger plate on the floor of the trap coupled with the spring loaded trap door contributing to a safe & quick capture. Two sets of steel support arms along the sides and top of the trap ensure the trap can withold the strongest of captured animals. This trap can be easily switched from automatic trapping to manual trapping by disconnecting the trigger plate from the trap door.

A handle safety plate prevents handler injury when carrying captured animals. Captured animals can be released safely through the front of the trap.     

Trapclosed  Trapfold 
Product Code   Product Specifications
 AHATSD  Standard Humane Cage Trap 80x29x33cm (cat, small dog, genet, dassie etc) 
 AHATSMD  Small Humane Cage Trap 60x19x21cm (kitten, rabbit, squirrel, dassie etc)
 AHATLD  Large Humane Cage Trap 120x750x600 Rigid (dogs, similar sized animals)

In accordance with South African animal welfare legislation Animal Handling Support Systems is authorized under permit to sell traps and capture devices.